If you are looking to find or donate to a specific Plunger or Team, please select one of the options below:


FindAPlunger_Button FindAPlunger_Button

Find a Plunger

This will take you to the Firstgiving website. In the “Search for a Fundraiser” box, please type in the name of the individual. (Please note – some Plungers may put a nickname or fun name for their page, so make sure you get the name from the Plunger you are looking to support.)

Once you have searched for the name, select “View page.” This will take you to that individual Plunger’s page where you can check out their page and donate to their Plunge. You have the option of choosing whether to display your name as a donor or not. You also have the option to pay the 7% fee for your donation as well.

Find a Team

This will take you to the Firstgiving website. Here you have the option of joining a team or donating to a team. All you have to do is find the team and select “join team” or “donate to team.” This option is nice to have if you would like to donate money to a whole team, instead of just one individual Plunger on the team.