Day of the Plunge

Check In

All locations feature pre-registration opportunities. Make sure to take -advantage of these opportunities to enjoy the day of the Plunge entirely.

Team captains may check-in their team members if they have the following for each member:

    Team Roster

   –Registration form and waiver for each individual

   –All cash and check donations (checks can be written out to Special Olympics South Dakota)

   T-shirt size

If you completely check-in at pre-registration, you will not need to check-in on the day of the Plunge – just show up ready to have some fun!

-Registration for the Plunge closes when the Plunge begins.

Safety Tips

-All Plungers must wear shoes. Secured footwear is preferred – no flip flops!

Do not dive or flip into the water. Diving or flipping is a safety precaution for all Plungers that the Dive Team strictly enforces.

We advise you not to Plunge after drinking alcohol. Intoxicated people will not be permitted to Plunge.

Wear a costume that’s appropriate and non-discriminatory. Anyone wearing an offensive costume won’t be allowed to plunge.

-Leave valuables at home or with a spectator. Special Olympics South Dakota is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What to Expect

-There are no time slots. Each participant will get to Plunge on a first-come basis.

Trained Dive Team and EMT personnel are at the Plunge site for assistance to those who aren’t strong swimmers or if any accidents should take place.

At pre-registration and day of registration, Plunge volunteers will have a list of online donations pledged in your name. The list will be accurate as of two (2) days prior to the Plunge, so if you have any last-minute online donations, please print a copy of your Plunger Page. If you aren’t sure, bring a printout or your smartphone – just in case!

Plungers are responsible for bringing all offline donations so that you can receive credit for those donations as well.

-Any last-minute Plunge updates will be posted to Facebook and the Plunge Location pages.

What to Bring

-Make sure to bring at least one towel to dry off and warm up.

Old shoes, aquatic shoes, etc. All Plungers must wear shoes. Wear a pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. Don’t forget to bring a dry pair to wear afterward!

Dry replacement clothes. After Plunging, it’s nice to have some warm and dry replacement clothes for the Post-Plunge party and ride home.

-A duffel bag, backpack, or garbage bag (to keep wet clothes separate from dry). It’s a great idea to bring a bag with you of dry clothes so you can put your wet clothes in there when after Plunging.

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